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Save Your Money and Work From Home: Why Accounting Firms Need to Look at Cloud Computing

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May 18 is Accounting Day 2015, an event for financial professionals all across the world to share their secrets and help each other succeed.

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Are you ready to find out how to improve your business, save your money, and better serve your clients?

PC Help Services is proud to serve accountants and other financial services firms all across Indianapolis, and that’s why we’re going to share the big IT secret that accountants should be taking advantage of to get ahead for 2015: Cloud computing.

The cloud can seem like a buzzword these days, but with the right team on your side helping you take advantage of its power, it can make huge differences in your productivity and bottom line:

  • Work anywhere, anytime: With data stored in the cloud, you’re not tied to the desk. Access QuickBooks or other applications, and all your data on any device, whether you’re in the office, visiting a client, or kicking back at the cottage.
  • Protect data from disaster: Applications and files saved in the cloud are safe from anything that could damage or destroy in-office equipment. Even if a flood or fire destroys your office, you can keep working on any computer, and business won’t stop.
  • Hire the right people, regardless of location: Cloud computing makes remote work and collaboration easy – you don’t need to be in the same office to share work! Pick and choose your team with care, regardless of where they call home.
  • Connect with clients from around the world: And it’s easy to choose clients regardless of location too! They can upload financials to your cloud with the click of a button, so you can manage their books from the other side of the world!
  • Save your money: You manage your clients’ money, but you need to be smart with your own too. Cloud computing makes it easy to turn IT from a capital expense to an operating expense, with predictable monthly fees for applications and storage, and easy scaling to your size and needs.

On May 18, you’ll be able to learn all kinds of tips and tricks to make serving your clients easier than ever before, but none of them will do as much for you as cloud computing – so long as you have the right partner by your side making it easy.

The team at PC Help Services are your go-to experts in cloud computing solutions in Indianapolis for accountancy and financial services firms. We’ll meet with you, learn about your business, and help you find the right cloud solutions for YOUR needs.

Contact us at (317) 585-0500 or to schedule a complimentary consultation for Accounting Day 2015!


My computer had been running slow for the last couple of months. Jason (the tech & the owner) checked things out and found that a recent up-grade by my Internet provider was eating up my RAM. One option was to increase the RAM. He told me what chip to buy and showed me how to install it, which I did later that day and the performance increased dramatically. He also showed my wife and I how to burn a CD. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Greg Zolezzi

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