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I started working with PC Help as a part of my IUPUI Internship. Since joining I’ve grown to appreciate the position, especially for the people I get to work with. The staff culture is exciting and supportive, so it’s a great place to work. I’m truly very proud to be part of a team that’s so willing to share knowledge and resources because it makes for a great work community.

I commonly address OS Repair and Virus Removal for our clients, and given that experience I’m very confident in my ability to address those issues. I really enjoy spending time with clients that are sociable and even fun. I once even had a client who played pogo while I was there on the job!

I take great pride in having attained my college degree because it was a very important moment for me. When I’m not working with PC Help, I enjoy bird watching and gardening.


Overall a great experience. Everyone I worked with was very friendly. They committed to get the diagnostic done and get back to me the next day. They did exactly that. They were able to find the problem and were very understanding and friendly when I told them I could replace the failed part myself.”

Christopher Dew

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