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I met PC Help’s owner through Northview Church, and while I was sure early on that I would be working here soon enough, in the end it took two years for me to come on board. I’m so glad I did, because the internal team and the customers I support are both so wonderful to work with.

I’ve found that I’m a jack-of-all-trades for support. While I don’t necessarily have a specialty, I’m “the fixer” for all sorts of IT issues. I’m always excited when I’m able to completely restore a client’s data that they thought was lost for good. These “superhero moments”, when I’m able to do the impossible and save the day, make the job very rewarding. That said, no matter what I provide for a client, so long as it has met their needs, is what I consider an accomplishment.

When I’m not working with PC Help I’m either training in Krav Maga or serving the Alpha ministry at Northview Church.


They were responsive, patient, and excellent in all categories. The owner, Jason, was super nice and very patient with my wife and my questions. We’re not very computer savvy and he spent two hours setting up and going over everything with us. He worked hard and there was no wasted time.”

Max Newkirk

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