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computer support companyWhether or not your business has already made the switch over to the cloud, chances are, you’ve heard a lot about it. Even if you’re set up, do you really understand the benefits or are you just going along with what your computer support company has told you? Understanding the benefits of the cloud will maximize the benefits it can give to your office, and your Indianapolis computer support company should be helping you make sense of the cloud.

Stay Protected

One of the biggest cloud service benefits your computer support company should make you aware of is its absolute safety. When your data is stored in the cloud, we’ll encrypt your files to keep them safe, and there’s virtually no chance of data loss or theft if an in-office disaster happens.

Improve Mobility & Collaboration

The cloud is designed to best fit todays evolving business dynamics. It can be hard to get all of your employees in the same location, but the cloud works for you no matter where you are.

  • Access files, applications and any other resources stored in the cloud regardless of location or device.
  • Allow for seamless file sharing and collaboration to get work done quicker and with more input from employees.

Cut Costs

  • Get rid of expensive hardware and say goodbye to continuous maintenance and licensing fees – the cloud keeps you backed up in one place.

Make Work Easier

Fully understanding the cloud means knowing all of the services the cloud provides to meet your unique needs. Cloud services include VoIP business telephones, hosted virtual desktops, hosted Microsoft Office 365, cloud-based file sharing, and much, much more.

If your Indianapolis computer support company isn’t helping you understand all the benefits the cloud has to offer, then you need to turn to a company that can. For more information on what the cloud can do for you, contact PC Help Services at or directly by phone at (317) 585-0500.


My computer had been running slow for the last couple of months. Jason (the tech & the owner) checked things out and found that a recent up-grade by my Internet provider was eating up my RAM. One option was to increase the RAM. He told me what chip to buy and showed me how to install it, which I did later that day and the performance increased dramatically. He also showed my wife and I how to burn a CD. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Greg Zolezzi

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