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Client’s Day: Celebrating Client Importance

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A look at how Client’s Day focuses on the importance customers in the professional field.

Happy Client Day

No matter what kind of service you offer to the public, it’s likely that your business wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for your clients. It simply wouldn’t be possible for your business to survive if it wasn’t for the people shopping online or visiting your business every few weeks – regardless if it’s daily or monthly. They not only pay your business for its services but they also (inadvertently) provide advertising for your business as well. So with these situations being some of the many reasons as to why we celebrate Client’s Day, it’s important to understand why this day was created and what you should do to let your customers know how appreciated they are for being a customer.

Client’s Day: How It Began

With origins in Klaipėda, Lithuania, the first Client’s Day was celebrated on March 19th, 2010 to celebrate and acknowledge customers worldwide for their business contributions ranging from small town convenience stores to multinational corporations. The idea for this holiday spread fast, as Client’s Day was soon picked up by newspapers and was quickly added to the calendar in Lithuania. From here, the holiday picked up more steam and went viral in 2012 with companies throughout the world using the holiday as a way to express how thankful they were for their customers. By 2013, Client’s Day was commended by the President of Lithuania, implemented by more Lithuanian corporations, and began spreading in Russia.

Celebrating Client’s Day

Celebrating Client’s Day is easier than one would think. With the holiday being a perfect time for a business to do something nice for their customers, it’s possible to do something for them (regardless the size of your budget), and you may need to get your team together to think of something special. For example: if you happen to have a beauty service, offer a free nail painting deal to frequent customers or give away samples of beauty products after a purchase is made. If that’s too much, offering a small bag of cookies that come with a thank you note is just fine. If your business doesn’t have direct contact with clients on a daily basis, you could call them and let them know that they’re greatly appreciated. Although these ideas may not cost very much, these personal touches can go a long way.

So if you’re looking to give your clients the appreciation they deserve and live in the Indianapolis area, PC Help Services is more than willing to help. Feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at (317) 585-0500 today so we can get you ready for this upcoming holiday today.


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