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I connected with PC Help through a company called Dental TI in 2011. When I was hired by Dental TI as a business consultant, all their support contracts were given to PC Help. Afterwards I established a great working relationship with PC Help’s owner Jason, and from there it was a good fit to work with the dental support customers as an employee of PC Help.

One of the best parts of being on this team is that I get go home to my family every evening. Being free to work independently while still having expert resources available when needed is a great balance for work. I’m especially adept at making tech solutions more accessible for the novice user so that they can understand and feel comfortable. I’m proud to know that many of my clients consider me to be the person to call when they need something resolved.

I very much enjoy the process of finding inefficiencies in a client’s system and then determining solutions to meet whatever need they may have.

A truly noteworthy instance in my time working with PC Help was when I worked all night with Jason to get an installation done. Working side by side with very little sleep for so long –- with the company’s owner no less — is a clear example of how dedicated we are to our clients.

When I’m not on the job for PC Help, I’m usually outside with my kids. I really enjoy geo-caching, hiking, cooking, hunting, exercising and hanging out with friends and family.


My wife called around and the first company to actually answer the phone was PC Help Services, Inc. She scheduled a time for the owner, Jason, to come out to our house; he came out within 48 hours. (In the past, we had taken our computer to a place like Best Buy to get it repaired, but we really don’t like doing that anymore. Even though it costs more for a repairman to come to one’s home, it is worth it for convenience and security.) Jason showed up on time and was very professional. At the advice of the person who scheduled the appt. over the phone, we purchased a new DVD burner from Fry’s ahead of time to save money. When Jason determined that the DVD burner / drive in our computer was indeed inoperable, he began to replace it with the one we had purchased. There was a problem between the computer and the connectors for the new DVD drive. Jason knew of a store from which he could buy a new connector. Within 10 minutes he was back and had spent $5.00 for the connector. He quickly installed the new DVD drive and concluded within 45 minutes, start to finish. Hire PC Help Services, Inc., by all means!”

Philip Kern / April 2009

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