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With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s not just time to think about your romantic relationships, but your business partnerships as well. Is your IT service company showing you the love, or are you feeling more and more like an after-thought? No relationship can survive on a one-way street, and if your IT Company isn’t paying attention to your needs and providing the services you require to succeed, it’s time to move on.

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What should you be looking for in an optimal relationship with your IT service company?

  • Ongoing Conversation

If you don’t know what’s going on with your system and technology, then something is wrong. Your IT Service Company needs to keep you in the loop – without conversation, there’s no relationship. System maintenance and upgrades are important and knowing how your IT team is taking care of you is crucial to working successfully. Regular discussions will also keep your team aware of goals and budgetary concerns.

  • Being Aware of Your Needs

Your business is totally unique – no two companies are identical, and it’s important that your service company recognizes that. Generic services just won’t cut it. Your support team needs to pay attention to your unique industry needs and be aware of compliance requirements that need to be met. Applications and tools geared towards you will keep your business on top.

  • Peace of Mind

Like any good relationship, feeling secure is essential. If you’re getting adequate service but still feel unsure about your systems protection, it’s time to cut your IT Company loose. Using the best firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spam tools while also monitoring your system and backing up your important data is crucial, and if your company isn’t doing that, they’re not cutting it. Don’t waste time and energy worrying about your security when a great IT team can keep it safe.

If you’re just not feeling the love from your current IT service company, then now is the time to call PC Help Services. We provide the absolute best support possible and give your business the attention it deserves. Contact us at or by phone at (317) 585-0500.


Overall a great experience. Everyone I worked with was very friendly. They committed to get the diagnostic done and get back to me the next day. They did exactly that. They were able to find the problem and were very understanding and friendly when I told them I could replace the failed part myself.”

Christopher Dew

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